Classic salads
Salad fresh grated carrots from Nantes
1,5 kg5494
Salad carrots with celeriac
1,7 kg5397
Salad fresh cucumbers Bulgarian style
1,6 kg5224
Salad Macédoine
1,8 kg5169
Salad Taboule royal with grapes
1,6 kg5496
Terroir salads
Salad Piemontaise with ham superieur
1,8 kg5099
Salad lentils with Mustard 'à l'ancienne'
1,8 kg5037
Salad broccolis with chicken
1,7 kg5075
Salad 4 seasons with fresh tomatoes
1,8 kg5534
Salad chicken with fresh tomatoes
1,8 kg5392
Summer salads
Salad pasta with pesto sauce
1,5 kg6257
Salad Romaine with mozzarella balls
1,5 kg5724
Seafood salads
Salad pasta with salmon
1,7 kg6259
Salad scallops and cucumber
1,5 kg6200
Salad Niçoise with olive oil
1,8 kg5251